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Welcome to the City of Goleta's Monarch Butterfly website,
where you can find all the info you need to make your visit to the grove.


The Ellwood Main Monarch Aggregation Site (aka Goleta Butterfly Grove) is closed indefinitely.  As a result of a tree health assessment performed as part of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Management Plan, the City learned in the Summer of 2017 that hundreds of trees in the Ellwood Mesa are dead or dying. Many of these trees were severely impacted by the drought which increased their vulnerability to pests. Trails to the butterfly aggregation sites are closed. However, several trails to the beach remain open.  The trail map can be found here. Before planning any visit to the Ellwood Mesa, we recommend you check our project page here.  

New Goleta MOVES Program

The Goleta Monarch Overwintering Visual Experience Simulation (MOVES) was developed for children to continue learning about butterflies while access to the Goleta Butterfly Grove on Ellwood Mesa is closed.  The Goleta MOVES outdoor exhibit has been set up at Evergreen Park to simulate the Monarch overwintering experience. The exhibit will be installed each October and removed in April to follow the overwintering season. Learn more here


The Goleta MOVES outdoor exhibit has been set up at Evergreen Park. Free parking is available on the street by the park. Get directions.