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New Goleta MOVES Educational Program!

The Goleta Monarch Overwintering Visual Experience Simulation (MOVES) is a unique program developed for children to continue learning about butterflies while access to the Goleta Butterfly Grove on Ellwood Mesa is limited due to the dangers associated with the dead and dying trees. The Grove was not only a beautiful place to experience, but served as an outdoor classroom for thousands of school age children across the county. Committed organizations and volunteers immediately started the process to creatively engage young children and provide them with an opportunity to see something similar and learn of the annual migration of these majestic creatures.

In November 2017, the City received a grant to help fund the development of an outdoor exhibit at Evergreen Park to simulate the Monarch overwintering experience. The exhibit will be installed each October and removed in April to follow the overwintering season and allow the opportunity to maintain and repair the “simulated” butterflies. This program is designed to educate 1st and 2nd graders on the lifecycle of the butterfly, and to teach 6th graders about climate and habitats.

Thanks to dedicated volunteers and professionals from Nature Tracks, Fish and Wildlife, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, and the City of Goleta, the exhibit has been installed for the 2018-19 season. In addition to the outdoor exhibit, the program includes display boxes for students to see butterflies up close as well as materials and activities to assist in the education process. Field trips are currently being scheduled and will take about 45 minutes for a class of 30 children.

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